As of January 31, 2016 Live365 ceased all operations. The shutting down is largely a result of actions by the Copyright Royalty Board, which raised rates for net broadcasters while special lower rates for smaller broadcasters (like DIY Radio) were phased out. With the writing on the wall, Live365 laid off staff and investors pulled out.

Since Live365 shut down we currently do not have a home for DIY Radio. And with the new royalty rates and the Small Webcasters Agreement not being renewed we have not been able to find an affordable solution to getting back online. (click here for more information about the new rates and sign the "Save Net Radio!" petition.)

UPDATE!!! - From the RAIN (Radio And Internet News) website: After being tipped that the Live365 website showed signs of life, we received this confirmation: "The Live365 assets have been acquired and we will make an official announcement in the coming weeks. We are still finalizing plans." Stay tuned.....

DIY RADIO was a punk rock radio show that aired on The Summit WAPS 91.3FM in Akron, Ohio August 1993 to June 2011. In 2012 we started broadcasting 24/7 on Live365. We were on Live365 until January 31, 2016 when Live365 shut down. DIY Radio's hosts were "Pete Sake" (Ron), ED (just ED) and Chialla. DIY Radio was available on the Web since 1998 with the WAPS weekly show being put up to listen to a few days after it aired live on WAPS.

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